Weapons Policy

No real or real-looking weapons will be permitted at Pemmi-Con If your costume relies upon something which may be an issue, please bring it to the Operations Office, where a decision on its appropriateness, necessity and capacity to be “made safe” from misunderstandings will be made. This may include telling you to not wear it, to peace-bond it visibly so no one can doubt that it is not real, or to say – no problem.

Pemmi-Con reserves the right to prohibit any prop to a costume which may be considered problematic when you are in public spaces. This includes all projectile firing items as well as any light-emitting items. If the item or your behaviour with it are at issue, you will be requested to return the item to your hotel room or car.

If an Artist has any item for display in the Art Show or Exhibits which can be construed as a weapon (bladed items, ‘gun’-like props, etc), these shall be made safe (no exposed sharp edges), and secured firmly to the display surface such that they cannot be handled.

All props for use in the Masquerade must be approved for display by the Masquerade Head and must not project anything off of the area of the stage, whether laser light, pulsating light, or small harmless items (eg. paper, feather, fluff, etc).

At no time will Pemmi-Con permit anyone who has a concealed carry or permit to carry to have a firearm at the convention.

If you buy either an edged weapon or replica weapon of some sort in the Dealers’ Hall, your next stop is your hotel room or car. There are NO exceptions to this rule. 

Pemmi-Con looks forward to working with many aspects of Winnipeg fandom, including cosplayers, artists, comic creators, local artisans, and folks from Canada’s furry community. Do YOU have a programming item to suggest? Tell us about it on the programme suggestion form!

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