TAFF Winner to Attend Pemmi-Con

Sandra Bond is TAFF Delegate to Pemmi-Con

April 2023 — As the new TAFF delegate, Sandra Bond will make the Trans-Atlantic journey to Pemmi-Con 2023, where the convention chairs have promised to treat her as a VIP. Further details about her upcoming trip will be released as they come. Stay tuned! 

Sandra’s opponent in this year’s race was Mikołaj Kowalewski. Thanks to Mikolaj for a brilliant race.

From Sandra: “I have won TAFF. Goshwowboyoboy. 

“When I look at the illustrious list of previous winners, I cannot help but feel like Romulus Augustulus. But there’s one difference, at least; which is that I shall not be the last of my kind. I shall strive to be the best TAFF delegate and administrator I can be, and to safeguard it on behalf of all fandom. 

In her platform Sandra wrote:  “I tripped over fandom at the age of seventeen, and immediately fell in love with it, in that blundering and overblown way in which teenagers tend to conduct romance.

“In the thirty-five years since then, I’ve partaken in pretty much every branch and every subdivision which fandom has to offer, and the one constant about it all is that I’m still in love with it.”

“…I shall look after TAFF with love.

Pemmi-Con will be happening at the start of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, one of the largest of its kind in North America. So come for the science fiction and fantasy convention, stay for the live theatre!

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