Fan Tables FAQ

Version 2023.06.25

Please read this FAQ if you are interested in hosting a fan table at Pemmi-Con or if you’re not familiar with what fan tables are or how they work at most science fiction conventions. Information about how to request a fan table is included near the bottom of the FAQ. Please do read it all, even if you’ve hosted fan tables at other conventions in Canada.

What are fan tables?

Pemmi-con is providing a limited number of tables where conventions, convention bids, fan groups, clubs, and related not-for-profit organizations can showcase their fan activity. Fan tables are a great opportunity to promote, recruit new members, raise awareness, and do community outreach.

Tables are 6 feet long by 24 inches wide and come with 2 chairs. Table hosts will need to bring their own tablecloth and display materials. Fan tables often have custom-imprinted tablecloths and/or standing banners as well as brochures and other materials promoting their event or organization.

Where will the Pemmi-Con fan tables be?

Update: Fan tables will be in Hall D of the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Pemmi-Con Art Show, Static Exhibits, Dealers Room, and Site Selection are also in Hall D.

Because the tables are now inside Hall D, table hosts will not need to clear their table of any valuables when closing each day, nor will tables need to be moved inside the hall for safekeeping if desired. Reminder: day or night, Pemmi-Con is not responsible for the security of any items you bring for your fan table.

What about electricity?

Update: Fan tables will share a 15 amp, 120 volt electrical drop that Pemmi-Con is providing. Bring your own extension cord or power strip, which must be plugged directly into the socket when it’s being used (no daisy chains allowed). If you need more power than the shared drop provides, you can order a separate drop for your table for about $135. Send your request for additional electricity to no later than July 2.

Is there internet access?

The RBC has free WiFi, 10Mbps at no charge.

What hours will fan tables be open?

Fan tables need to be staffed and open to members of Pemmi-Con during the same hours as the Dealers’ Room:

Thursday July 20, 202312 Noon – 6 PM
Friday July 21, 202310 AM – 6 PM
Saturday July 22, 202310 AM – 6 PM
Sunday July 23, 202310 AM – 3 PM

Is there a charge for a fan table?

Pemmi-Con provides fan tables at no charge to eligible groups as long as we have space available. Every fan staffing a table must be an attending member of Pemmi-Con and wear their membership badge while at the table. Members are also required to be compliant with the Pemmi-Con Code Of Conduct, which includes the COVID-19 policy.

Since the space and number of tables is limited, if we receive more requests than we have room for, we may ask groups to share table space. We’ll work with table hosts to help ensure a convivial match for any shared tables.

Can I sell things at a fan table?

The primary focus of fan tables is to promote not-for-profit fannish activity, not to sell items. 

That said, there are a very limited number of things that can be sold at fan tables. Convention memberships, bid support memberships, and promotional swag such as T-shirts, pins, or other items with the group/event logo are all okay. You cannot sell general merchandise, even if it is to raise money for your group or event. 

If you sell anything at your table, you’ll need to comply with city, province, and country sales requirements. If you’re coming from outside Canada, we expect that will include detailed paperwork and probably owing duty on the sales items you’re bringing or shipping to Winnipeg. 

Please note: we recently heard of a past case where a customs agent decided that promotional convention flyers being brought into Canada from the US were commercial products because they included membership prices. If you are concerned about this happening, we suggest that you either don’t include pricing info on the promotional materials you bring for your fan table or that you arrange to have them printed after you arrive in Canada.

More detailed sales information will be going up on the Dealers’ Room FAQ as it becomes available. Please check there if you plan to sell anything at your fan table. 

How do I request a fan table?

Send your request to along with specific needs or questions related to your table, if any. Please include a URL we can use when listing the organizations hosting fan tables at Pemmi-Con. 

If you think we may not be familiar with your group or event, please include a description of it with your request.

We will respond by confirming your reservation or by asking for more information so we can determine your group’s eligibility for a fan table. In the unlikely event that you don’t hear back from us within a week, please send a follow-up email to help ensure we receive your request. Email sent to goes to Geri Sullivan and Marla Baer-Peckham.

I want to promote my business or offer items to members of Pemmi-Con, but it doesn’t look like I qualify for a Fan Table. Are there other places I may do this?

It depends on what you’re offering or selling. If you sell genre-related merchandise, you might wish to consider the Dealers’ Room. If you create art or craft, the Art Show might be a good fit. 

Pemmi-Con will be a gathering of many fandom communities! All the interests of the SF community will be welcomed and represented — literary fans, cosplayers, gamers, artists, writers, scientists, artisans, and so much more!

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