Masquerade Awards


  • Young Fan — Our Hats Off to You: Hat Kid
  • Judge’s Choice in Novice Class: Turaga Vakame
  • Novice — Honorable Mentions: Tangible Artifact, Miss Frizzle Time Lord, Mrs Aching
  • Journeyman — Throwback Barbie Award: Tour Guide Barbie
  • Master — Cthulhu Jelly: Beneath the Bay of Innsmouth
  • Best Master: Exile
  • Best in Show: Hut of Baba Yaga


  • Best Recreation and Use of Corrugated Cardboard: Hat Kid
  • Most Tangible Memory: Tangible Artifact
  • Honorable Mention: Historical Hat Recreation
  • Best Crochet – amazing stitches: Miss Frizzle Timelord
  • Best Use of Modern Tech — 3D print, electronics, applique: Turaga Vakame
  • Honorable Mention Historical Recreation: Tour Guide Barbie
  • Best Use of Alternate Materials: Beneath the Bay of Innsmouth
  • Best Use of Stash and Recycle: Exile
  • Best in Show: Hut of Baba Yaga

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Photos by Kevin J. Grummett, Pemmi-Con official photographer. If you would like a print of any photo that Kevin took, please contact Kevin.

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Our Guests of Honour at Pemmi-Con are truly multi-talented! Tanya Huff is not just a Canadian author, she’s also a filker! Waubgeshig Rice is not just an author and a journalist, he’s also a visual artist! George Freeman isn’t just a comic book artist, he’s a comics writer! Philip John Currie is not just a paleontologist and museum curator, he’s also written science fiction books! So come to our convention ready for a multi-faceted experience!

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