Code of Conduct

The following activities will not be tolerated during Pemmi-Con, whether on social media, in writing, nor at any events taking place during or prior to the convention which are being managed by the convention.

  • Physical or verbal harassment of other members, guests of the convention, convention workers, the public or hotel staff (verbal harassment includes in person or over a sound link words, written words, or images)
  • Sexual misconduct, such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or other sexual harassment
  • Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behaviour that disturbs other members, guests of the convention, convention workers, the public or hotel staff
  • Requesting autographs/photos outside of autograph sessions or programme items without first requesting permission
  • Possession or use of any illegal drug, narcotic or banned substance
  • Smoking any substance, including tobacco, e-cigarettes, medicinal marijuana anywhere outside of your own home (this is City regulation in Winnipeg and we will adhere to this in any pre-convention events).
  • Possession or use of any item defined as a weapon, illegal or not, with the exception of costume weapons (as defined in our Weapons Policy, when we are doing an in-person event or running a party – it will be posted)
  • Distribution of alcoholic beverages to any person under the legal drinking age (age will be as legally mandated for our pre-con events, and under 18 at Pemmi-Con)
  • Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, or any engagement in activity prohibited by law.
  • Any act which could result in substantial risk of harm to people or property.


Should you experience any form of harassment or note any violations of our policies, please report it immediately:

  • Prior to the convention, contact us directly
  • At the convention, there will be both a specific place and phone number to which you may report such behaviour

Please note that harassment is any behaviour that intentionally annoys, threatens, or alarms another person. This includes any unwanted physical contact, verbal sexual comments toward a non-consenting adult or toward any minor, following someone without a legitimate reason, or threatening to physically harm someone. Remember, if someone approaches you and you tell them to leave you alone, their business with you is done. If they do not leave you alone as you have requested, their actions may be grounds for a complaint of harassment. The Pemmi-Con committee will investigate all harassment claims to the best of our ability. We are committed to providing an harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. This relates to any person’s online experience of our website, social media posts, convention table behaviour, and in-person convention behaviour, including at our parties leading up to and taking place at our event.

Winnipeg is a very pedestrian friendly city. Visit the nearby Forks shopping and entertainment complex, where Winnipeg’s two rivers meet! And if you need some quiet green space, the sunken Japanese Garden on Carlton Street, in the Lakeview Square Development, is within easy walking distance. The Japanese Garden, inaugurated in 1974 to commemorate Winnipeg’s sister city status with Setagaya, Japan, is a lovely place to sit, reflect, and recharge.

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