Accessibility Policy

For accessibility needs or concerns, please contact

Pemmi-Con is dedicated to ensuring accessibility to our convention for people with both visible and invisible disabilities.

Pemmi-Con is proud to report that both the Delta Hotel Winnipeg and the RBC Centre meet the requirements of The Manitoba Accessibility Act in full. The RBC Centre’s Commitment to Accessibility is under its Facility Information, while the Delta Hotel Winnipeg’s Accessibility Information is accessed from near the bottom of their main page.

Mobility Devices

Pemmi-Con has made contact with two suppliers of accessibility equipment. We can make a bulk booking, if members would please tell us their specific needs. All equipment will be at the members’ own cost.

Please send a request to The firms need to know the size and weight of the person who will be using the mobility device, for comfort and safety reasons. Pemmi-Con will keep the information confidential and delete it once the device is picked up. 

If you wish to arrange your own rental, the two companies are:

We have received one piece of positive feedback on each of these firms. 

Accessible Communications

If you have a need for large print, text to speech, or other language needs, please contact us at with your specific needs, so that we can source these. Should the cost be prohibitive, we will try to find suitable alternatives. 

Service Animals

If you require a personal support animal, or individual carer, please advise us of this in advance. Both the Delta Winnipeg Hotel and the RBC Centre welcome service animals.

Canada permits both emotional support animals and Registered Support Dogs. Emotional support animals are required to have a letter from your medical professional (GP or Psychology) stating the mental or emotional health reasons you require the animal, as well as a full description of said animal (Name, breed, size, colour). This letter also permits such an animal to be transported in the cabin of planes. Almost all airlines require advance booking stating this need as they only have a limited number of seats for Emotional Support Animals. In many cases, this seating restriction includes Registered Support Dogs, who will be required to have been certified as trained for specific support duties.

Canada does allow pets across the border from the US who are both microchipped and have a current Rabies vaccination. However, it is the responsibility of the members to learn if their pet is permitted at their choice of hotel.

Pemmi-Con will be focusing on written science fiction and fantasy, but there will be lots of other interesting programming — including a costume competition, a dealers room and art show, free pinball, and lectures by a world-class paleontologist who is the co-founder of the Royal Tyrrell Museum!

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