Pemmi-Con is not-for-profit and volunteer run. Everyone on the Pemmi-Con committee is a volunteer, and we hope you will join us. There are roles for everyone, from new fans to wizened SMOFs.

We are looking for volunteers prior to and at the convention. All volunteers attending the convention will need to purchase a membership. However, if you cannot attend the convention, there are still tasks that need to be done prior and we would love to have help from those who wish to do so. Please fill out our volunteer form and we will be in contact with you within a few weeks! https://forms.gle/pXrGsjpkyJsyzbrN8

We look forward to hearing from you!

Following are some of the open positions, organized by division.


Operations Team

  • 10-15 people 
  • TASKS:
    • This team will manage communications on site during the convention, working closely with the Office team and with Information. 
    • This team will have Rovers to be available for any problems or difficulties that members or staff may have. They will relay all information back to the central team for any assistance needed.
    • This team will have Supervisors who will be responsible to locate and/or resolve any issues.
    • This team will have Radio Base people to keep a central log of incoming requests, issues, and such from Rovers, and to report these to the Supervisor.
    • Good listening skills
    • Good communication skills
    • Rovers need to be able to be mobile for up to 4 hours maximum at a time
    • Radio Base and Supervisors will have 6 hour shifts
    • Radio Base is a mostly sedentary post, so being able to sit is essential
    • Supervisors need to be able to decide if an issue requires them to go to the problem or to have the problem come to the Ops Office.
    • Staff in these positions should be able to handle no less than one shift per day of the convention, and may be asked to do two per day depending on numbers of people who take on the work.
  • HOURS:
    • Ops office will open daily at 8 am and close by 12 midnight daily for each day except the last day of the convention, when it will close about one hour after Closing Ceremonies.

Convention Services

5-2-1 Care Team

  • 1-2 people 
  • TASKS:
    • This team will assist with the general welfare of the Division Heads (DHs) during the convention, particularly those without partner support. Tasks include checking in with DHs, making sure they have eaten and are drinking enough water, that they have rested and/or taken breaks. Order and deliver meals, water/beverages, and other assistance as needed.
    • This role is best suited for someone who is a helper, some kind souls who go out of their way to assist people.
  • TIME COMMITMENT: Daily hours at-con to be scheduled

IT At-Con Area Head

  • 1 person
  • TASKS:
    • Work with the convention committee to determine the IT needs of the convention
    • Work with the convention committee to source the IT needs of the convention
    • Set up of computers, printers, and peripherals prior to the start of the convention
    • Maintenance and support of same during the convention
    • Tear down the same at the end of the convention.
    • Past experience with network, computers, and peripherals setup and maintenance is desired.. 
    • Comfortable working with many people in different areas of the convention. 
    • Able to communicate comfortably using Google email, Slack, and Zoom
    • Cognizant of data privacy and security needs of the people volunteering
    • Able to keep convention data and business confidential.
    • Able to work independently with minimal supervision
    • Communicating openly with other Convention Services team members and leadership about changes or any potential issues that may arise before and during the convention itself.
  • TIME COMMITMENT: 4+ hours per week in the two months prior to the convention, 6+ hours during move in/move out and daily during the convention.

Volunteer Coordinators (On Site)

  • 1-2 people 
  • TASKS:
    • Coordinate with the Pre-Con Volunteer Coordinators AH to establish needs for at convention staffing
    • Schedule the volunteer desk volunteers for on site coverage
    • Coordinate with the other Divisions to ensure schedules and coverage at con for volunteers
    • Staff the volunteer desk at-con during scheduled shifts. 
    • Answer walk-up volunteer questions
    • Record completed volunteer work slips
    • Update the available volunteer job slips
    • Friendly with new people
    • Able to have calm, patient conversations with volunteers 
    • Able to enter information into a computer form 
    • This role is generally seated with no heavy lifting and only a small amount of standing. 
    • Able to use Google workspaces and email.
  • TIME COMMITMENT: 6+ hours per week in the month prior to the convention. On site is 6-8 hours per day depending on staffing levels of the volunteer desk.