Covid Policy

While various countries modify their COVID policies for travel, Pemmi-Con wishes to ensure that everyone has a safe convention. To this end, we will be requiring all attendees to be vaccinated and to mask when indoors or in crowded spaces. The exception will, of course, be if you are currently eating or drinking. Walking through a crowd with your meal or with a drink in your hand does not qualify for an exemption. Your vaccination status will be verified at Registration at the convention. If you do not provide it at Registration, you will be refused entry to the convention.

Please ensure that you are fully vaccinated as you are eligible, according to the health regulations and guidelines in your country of residence. Generally that means a vaccine or booster not more than one year prior to the convention and not less than two weeks before the first day of the convention. We are well aware that there are individuals whose own health will prevent them from being vaccinated, but we do expect these individuals to remain masked, and to provide medical evidence that they cannot have the vaccine.

If you have a medical exemption from wearing a mask (and these are extremely rare), we would request that you provide your Doctor’s letter showing you are exempt.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each member to keep current with any change to travel regulations put in place by Canada or by the country from which they are travelling. 

Any queries, please contact

NASFiC is an entirely fan run, all volunteer convention. Everybody who is attending, from the front line workers all the way up to the Convention Chairs, is paying for their membership. And remember, membership at Pemmi-Con entitles you to vote for the next NASFiC location in 2024!

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