Winnipeg has an active fan community and a long fannish history.


Keycon is a general science fiction convention, sponsored by WinSFA, held annually in Winnipeg. Keycon 40 is postponed to 2024.

Winnipeg Science Fiction Association

WinSFA is an active fan group in Winnipeg. It is associated with the real Winnipeg in ’94 Worldcon bid that won and became ConAdian. WinSFA sponsors Keycon and the A.E. van Vogt Award (AEVVA). Did you know A.E. van Vogt was living in Winnipeg when he wrote some of his greatest stories?

Decadent Winnipeg Fandom

In the late ’70s, a group of fans revived the Winnipeg SF Society (see below). They edited a fanzine, Schmagg, which published two issues. In 1978, they ran a one-day convention, Un-Con. They also started a hoax bid for Winnipeg in ’94, as a funding mechanism and excuse for throwing room parties.

Read more in Garth Spencer’s article “Remember the Red River Valley, Winnipeg fanhistory 1949-1984” in Opuntia #12.

Chester Cuthbert

Chester Cuthbert at a Dinner in His Honour, by Randy Reichardt

Chester D. Cuthbert (1912 – 2009) was an early well-known science fiction fan and collector. He organized the Winnipeg SF Society in 1950 and was president of the CSFA in 1951. Cuthbert corresponded with science fiction writers and fans all over the world. He was truly extraordinary.

A Tiny Portion of Cuthbert’s Collection, by Randy Reichardt

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